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Royal Champions Empire Earth Forum » Stratgies » General Stratgies » Industrials Age (This Thread is about Industrials Age)
Industrials Age
YuvraajDate: Tuesday, 14-02-2012, 4:32 PM | Message # 1
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The Industrial Age

The Industrial Age is dominated by Ranged Units. I'm going to explain what each unit does, then show various strategies for each. The only non-ranged units I will talk about are the Cuirassier (Sword Horse) and the Medic.
These strategies are best used in games ending in the Industrial Age, where the bulk of the game will be in this age. I Italicized some of the important things, such as what the armies are made up of, and what to upgrade on each unit.

The Civ:

Make a custom civ. Increase ranged Infantry's Range, Attack, and Hit Points. Increase the Cavalry's Speed, both melee and ranged.

The Units:

The Grenadier/Musketeer: This guy is your bread and butter in this age. He is strong and has a good weapon. However he suffers from a lack of armor. Upgrade his range to full then his attack. And use a civ with upgrades in both these areas.

The Hand Cannoneer: Comparable to the Mortars of later ages. He is used for support to the Grenadiers/Musketeers and is useful for taking out buildings. Walls take far too long unless you have at least 20 of them. Use them to support the other units in taking out towers and razing a town. Upgrade his Area of Effect and his Range.

The Sharpshooter: The Sniper. A very useful unit. Strong attack plus a long range. He is also hard to see, and requires enemy troops to come closer to him. Upgrade his Range and Attack.

The Medic: She heals your units.

The Elite Guard: At first glance, a weaker version of the grenadier/musketeer. Wrong. With upgraded armor and range he becomes a first class defensive unit.

The Cuirassier: A horseman with a sword. You might think he's weak in an age dominated by ranged gunpowder units, but not so. He has heavy armor and a heavy attack, use him to charge enemy infantry and cut them down. Upgrade his attack and speed.

The Dragoon: A mounted Grenadier. With upgraded range and attack he does some serious damage.

The Strategies:

The Horse Army: I do this with a combination of Dragoons and Cuirassiers. I work with equal amounts of each, usually 20 Dragoons and 20 Cuirassiers. Make more or less depending on the enemy army size. This force is useful for raiding the enemy supply camps. The Cuirassiers run in and kill the villagers while the Dragoons stand off and shoot from range, protecting the Cuirassiers from enemy fire. The Cuirassiers are also strong against buildings, and with the combined fire of your whole army, the buildings will be gone shortly.

This force can also be used as a main attack force, utilizing the same advantages here. The Dragoons will make sure no Halberdiers can get close, and the Cuirassiers can mop up everything else.

The Infantry Army: I usually make about 4 of these armys depending on unit limit. 20 Grenadiers, 5 - 10 Hand Cannoneers, 5 Sharpshooters, 2 Medics. This is a strong and durable attack force, being able to take out buildings and units alike. When the men get hurt, having 2 medics will make the healing go faster. Add more medics if you like, or have a seperate "army" of them.

The Artillery Army: Get several Artillery units, depending on what you are going up against. If going against towers and buildings, have Bombards, the other 2 are for lighter targets, such as infantry. Having 10 Grenadiers and 10 Dragoons with them is a good guard. Also include a Medic to heal their protectors.

Send a hot air balloon up ahead to scout for the enemy so you can take them out at range.

The Sharpshooter Army: 10 - 15 Sharpshooters plus a few dragoons and cuirassiers can hold a position easily. Include a few medics to heal them up. Stick this army in a choke point and use the sharpshooters to take out the infantry, send the cuirassiers to take out the enemy artillery. Increase the sharpshooters range and attack to max.

The Defensive Army: Build a few little armies of Elite Guards, about 15 in each. Increase their armor to max, and have them guard your town. These units are fantastic at guarding because of their high armor, include 2 sharpshooters and a medic in each.

The Winning Attack: The Infantry and Horse Armies can be more or less combined. Send in the horses first and have the infantry run through the lines and attack. Bring up the rear with artillery and have sharpshooters flank the enemy lines. Have Cuirassiers run in with the flanking sharpshooters and you will have the enemy surrounded.
Royal Champions Empire Earth Forum » Stratgies » General Stratgies » Industrials Age (This Thread is about Industrials Age)
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