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No Surrender ! No Retreat ! No Mercy !
Fight Till Death Until Death Quits

Royal Champions is a newly made Empire Earth clan specially made for passionate RTS Gamers having multi level skills in most of the sets and was founded in November 2010 by Group of  four Friends Maharaja , YuvRaaJ ,Gourav and Unhlic who are now Managing and controlling all the activities in RC and also has full rights to terminate his associations with any of Member if found any members guilty in RC by dis-obeying with RC members  and Game Ranger Players, bad behavior,Using bad Languages with others players in  game ranger and dis-obeying with the rules of RC , and found cheating with any players if any mean. The Motive of Foundation of Royal Champions is to keep maintain the intention of learning , promoting Empire Earth in a friendly manner for promoting skills , strategies to all passionate Empire Earth Gamers who can part of Empire Earth.The Name " Royal Champions " was the inspiration of Royal Ranks Used in Empire Earth Game by such talented EE developers who had beautifully built such long time un-beatable RTS Game in History ever that is  " Empire Earth " inspired us to make a Royal Champions Empire Earth Clan based on the Royal Ranking Used in " Medieval Age -The Age of King,Renaissance Age, Industrial Age and Imperial Age, " etc. Every Rank in Royal Champions has some history behind it connectivity with  the Respective Ages and all Ranking Naming conventions used here are in accordance with increasing order of epoch and their in Level in their unit.We are Trying to having current and best informational database of Members, and their Ranking according to their multiple skills in Middle , Modern , Prehistoric to Nano Epoch , Gren War , Industrial and Nano Gaming strategies which require Civilizations knowledge, Game Starting Strategy and Player Speed , its Usage's Skill, Empire Earth Unit and building knowledge, their anti Unit Knowledge usage  abilities usually called as Counter War Strategies, War strategies required for EE RTS Gaming.For up gradation of Every Ranks in Royal Champions it includes some scenario and set based Challenges which require skill levels in their respective sets and every member has to compete and complete that challenges either in RC Tournament Challenge  Cup which would be soon live in our Clan or in 3 straight challenge Set.

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