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RC Tips Guide

Tips For Good Gaming in Empire Earth


Empire Earth for PC



Hello and welcome to my Unit FAQ for Empire Earth one of the best real-time Strategy  games of all time. With an assortment of units spanning from Prehistoric times to the future, you'll be glad to have all the help you can Get understanding them!


Any veteran of real-time strategy games should have no trouble with the basic controls, but Empire Earth offers quite a few advanced controls not found in many other games.

View Controls

Arrow Keys: Scroll

Right/Left Bracket: Zoom in/out

Period: Follow selected unit

F2: Toggle through zoom modes

F5: Toggle through hidden units modes

F9: Take a screenshot

Ctrl-F9: Take a low-resolution screenshot of entire map

Alt-F9: Take a high-resolution screenshot of entire map

Selection Controls

Tab: Select Idle Citizen

Comma: Select Idle Military Unit

A: Select Idle Atomic Bomber

B: Select Idle Bomber

D: Select Idle Fighter/Bomber

F: Select Idle Fighter

Ctrl-#: Create group # out of selected units

Shift-#: Add selected unit to group #

Alt-#/##: Select and center group #

#: Select group #

 Game/AI Controls

Numpad +: Increase game speed

Numpad -: Decrease game speed

Enter: Chat mode

F1: Return to Scenario Editor when in test mode

F3: Pause

F4: Quick Save

Shift-F4: Quick Load

Ctrl-F4: Auto save load

F10: Game options

Alt-F: Flare Mode

Page Up: Display previous messages

Ctrl-Shift-Z: "Banzai" all-out computer attack-allied players will assist you

Ctrl-Alt-Z: "Banzai" all-out computer attack-allied players will not assist you



Here it is-the purpose of this FAQ. There are many different unit categories in Empire Earth, each containing several units and meant to fulfill a purpose. Empire Earth uses a rock-paper-scissors system, meaning that each unit in weak to something.



Includes: Club Man, Mace Man, Short Sword, Long Sword

Strength: Archers

Weakness: Spear (Pierce)

Produced At: Barracks

Notes :These are your basic melee infantry units, useful until the Renaissance. Their armor makes them handy for taking on archers. Watch out for spear infantry, though.


Includes: Spear Man, Phalanx, Pike Man, Halberdier

Strength: Shock infantry, Cavalry

Weakness: Archers, Gun Infantry

Produced At: Barracks

Notes : Good for engaging shock infantry and all types of cavalry. Halberdiers are powerful and can be used even up to the Industrial age. Best when mixed with shock infantry.


Includes: Slinger, Simple Bowman, Composite Bow, Long Bow

Strength: Spear (Pierce) Infantry

Weakness: Shock Infantry

Produced At: Archery Range

Note : Before the Renaissance, these units should be your staple ranged combat support units. Protect them from harm with melee units like Spear Infantry. Archers can be deadly against unarmored or slow targets.


Includes: Arqebus, Musketeer, Grenadier, Doughboy, Marine, Sentinal, Guardian

Strength: Spear(Pierce) Infantry, Gun Cavalry, Anti-Tank (AT), Zeus Cyber,

Anti-Air (AA)

Weakness: Sword Cavalry, Field Cannon, Tank, Artillery, Pandora Cyber, Bombers,

Helicopter Gunship

Produced At: Barracks

Note : As soon as possible, make these your main infantry force. They can have great range when upgraded, do excellent damage, and are not expensive. They have as many weaknesses as strengths, so protect them with other units.


Includes: Hand Cannoneer, Trench Mortar, Heavy Mortar

Strength: Buildings, Gun Infantry

Weakness: Sword Cavalry

Produced At: Barracks

Notes : These guy replace archers as combat support units. Their shots do decent damage against buildings and their area of effect makes them powerful against massed infantry. Put them behind ranged infantry.


Includes: Elite Guard, Machine Gun

Strength: Infantry

Weakness: Other Anti-infantry

Produced At: Barracks

Notes : These two ranged units are built to mow down scores of infantry units. Their range is not that of the Gun Infantry, but they are still powerful.


Includes: Grenade Launcher, Bazooka

Strength: Tanks

Weakness: Anti-infantry

Produced At: Barracks

Note : These units can make shorts work of tanks. Their rockets even work against buildings. These units should be included in every atomic age infantry squad.


Includes: Sharpshooter, Sniper

Strength: Infantry

Weakness: Anti-infantry

Produced At: Barracks

Notes : These two units are great for combat support. Their stealthiness means that they are invisible unless an enemy units get too close. Their shots, while very slow, are highly damaging and almost always one-shot-one-kill against infantry.


Includes: Medic-Imperial, Atomic, and Digital

Strength: None

Weakness: Anti-infantry

Produced At: Barracks

Note : Medics are obviously used for healing units. They will automatically heal any nearby units. A must-have for every army.


Includes: Javelin Thrower, Pilum

Strength: Shock Infantry

Weakness: Other archers

Produced At: Archery Range

Note : Unlike other archers, Javelin Throwers and Pilums have piercing attack like Pikemen, giving them different strengths and weaknesses.


Includes: Chariot Archer, Cavalry Archer

Strength: Spear (Pierce) Infantry

Weakness: Shock Infantry

Produced At: Archery Range

Note : These are basically fast, agile archers. Nothing else special, except that they take 2 population instead of 1.


Includes: Horseman, Catraphact, Curassier, Imperial Curassier

Strength: Archers, Gun Infantry, Field Cannon

Weakness: Spear (Pierce) Infantry, Gun Cavalry

Produced At: Stables

Note : These units are basically very fast, tough Shock Infantry. They also take 2 population.


Includes: Bronze Cavalry, Knight

Strength: Shock Infantry, Shock Cavalry

Weakness: Spear (Pierce) Infantry

Produced At: Stables

Note :These cavalry units, with Piercing attacks, are faster, tougher Spear Infantry. Like all cavalry, they take 2 population units.


Includes: Carabineer, Dragoon

Strength: Sword Cavalry

Weakness: Spear (Pierce) Infantry, Gun Infantry

Produced At: Stables

Though their range is not as great as Gun Infantry, Gun Cavalry are much faster and tougher. Unfortunately, they take 2 population.


 Includes: Rock Thrower, Sampson, Barbarian, Viking, Partisan, Flame Thrower,

Stinger Soldier

Strength: Various

Weakness: Anti-Infantry

Produced At: Barracks

Note :There are a number of un-upgradable infantry units. Many of them are very powerful and should not be ignored. The Rock Throwers are very basic, short-ranged infantry units accessible from the Prehistoric Age. Sampsons swing massive tree trunks and excel at demolition. Barbarians are melee units that can walk right through forests. Vikings have the stealth ability of the Stealth Infantry but are melee units. Partisans can also walk through trees but are ranged and can attack air units. Flame Throwers have fast attacks that can quickly raze buildings. And last but definitely not least, Stinger Soldiers are powerful infantry units against air units.


 Includes: Elephant Archer, Crossbow

Strength: Spear (Pierce) Infantry

Weakness: Shock Infantry

Produced At: Archery Range

Note : There are not nearly as many miscellaneous archers as there are infantry. Elephant Archers, although slow and using 2 population, are very tough to kill and have the second most powerful arrow attack in the game, second only to Crossbow, early non-stealthy Snipers that fire deadly bolts.


Includes: War Elephant, Persian Cavalry

Strength: Various

Weakness: Spear (Pierce) Infantry

Produced At: Stables

Note : The War Elephants are nonranged versions of Elephants Archer: tough, slow, and hungry for an extra population unit. The Persian Cavalry, on the other hand, is made up of very light, fast, and piercing units, also taking 2 population and having a short ranged attack.

  Special thanks to Sierra for making this great game!

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