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Gaming Character

This is probably the most important thing to get a grasp of, especially when playing against other players. Remember to be an example, not someone who others look down upon.Play with a true gaming spirit. That may sound korny, but I dont mean it to be. Go all out, never just "take" what the enemy throws at you. Throw it back x10. Play with a good attitude.There is nothing worse then a great player with an arragant attitude.Dont smack talk your team or your player, just have fun without causing some drama for once.Play with Sportsmanship Say "GG" after every game you play whether it be a win or a lose. Treat your peers the way you would want to be treated. 

Five Keys to Success

1. Attack! Attack! Attack!

Most people never attack soon enough which is a hindrance to you and your team. The more aggressive you are, the better chances you are at winning

2. Play Defensively as well as offensively.

Use every defensive method you can think of. Use towers, walls, houses and even your buildings for making your base economy free. One thing that you should be aware of is your base formation. Don't make everything so close together. This could hinder microing later on. Make your base like a sive, so you can "weave" the enemy out.

3. Keep popped at all times.

Never stop making citizens or units. Make sure to be at the very peak of your popping point at all times. Use fortresses for storing up some units for later on, pop some settlements to be town centers. Do anything it takes to be on top of everyone's economy.

4. Counter units.

One of the great things about Empire Earth is the large variety of units and their upgrades. Many people will just mass units because it wins that game easily. This can be a hindrance to yourself if another player has your counter. Using the right type of units can win you almost any battle.

5. Micromanagement.

This is probably the most important point. If you can learn how to micro well, you will be the victor in most games. Microing not only takes speed, but a patient player. Don't just run into your enemies hands, make him chase you, lead him where you want him to be. I encourage those with a low PS to get to know your hotkeys well. It would be a great advantage for you. Speed
wins the game.

Civilization Editorial

Make a Balanced Civilization........!!

Making a civ can be fun. A great civ will take time and thought to make. Don't jump into your civ editor and start clicking away. Think about the people you're going to be playing against and what they may have in their civ that you can counter. Make sure the proper units have the proper upgrades so no matter what comes your way, your ready to take them on.Keep in mind of the settings you will be playing.If you're going to be playing a Tournament Low (TL) game, you will want to use "Cost Reduction (CR)" as a unit upgrade. Also, settings like Pre2space, you don?t start off with farms but forages and hunting and the gather rate is a little slower. Here you should use "Hunting and Foraging" for the economy and use "Speed" for an upgrade for the citizens. In space you don't
need citizens for working on farms so picking "Farming" as an economy Just make sure you know what will help you in anysett.
Keep Your Civilizations Organized.

The faster you can find and pick your civ, the fast you can start playing. I tend to label my civs according to the settings I play and the upgrades or powers there might be in them. Also, it might be a good idea to label your civ names as either "wing" or "pocket." Here is an example of you could use for a civ name: "ModTL_50calz_W." Just fool around and find the right type
of technique you could use that makes it easier for you to find or understand what the civ contains.

Three Types of Game play.

Rushing -

Rushing is all out speed. If your not going to get units out by f11 2, then don't rush at all. The faster you can get the enemy down, the closer to victory you are. Waypoint citizens to forage, send citizens to the closest mines, and make barracks for the type of unit you will be rushing
with. Upgrade your units as fast as you can.

Sliding -

Sliding is a form of rushing/booming. In a slide, you use the same strat for rushing but you also keep in mind that you will be booming afterward. Keep pumping men out as well as citizens. Make as many farms as you can and barracks. Never stop pumping citizens and units out. A slide can be just as effective as a hardcore boom.

Booming(blooming) -

Most people think that booming is noob and easy, but it takes a true player to know that booming is not all about making 100+ farms.
A boom is not meant to be a city builder. The point of a boom is to be above your enemy in your economy. With this enormous economy, you are able to expand and to pump units out without hindering your economy. If you are above 800 resources in your "boom", then you are not booming. Spend everything you got. It's a win, win situation. More you spend, the more you get in return. A hard boom in Standard High (SH) is to send all 20 citizens to wood and waypoint cits to forage. By getting to much wood to start out
with, a player is able to make more farms thus making more food.

Two Types of Settings (Most played today)

Tournament Low (TL)

In (TL), you start out with virtually nothing which makes this setting somewhat difficult to the average player. Starting with only 5 cits, 250 stone, and 100 wood, a player must build up to the point of maintaining an army and economy quickly.Most people in Art of Conquest use Expansionism as an aid. Expansionism can increase the amount of cit production and does speed things along, but there is an easy way to do it without using up 30 points in your civ editor.A typical but effective (TL) rush starts of as follows: 4 citizens to wood and 1 citizen to lure a hippo back to the home center. Waypoint 4-5+ cits on hunt and get an iron mine/barrack as fast as you can.

Standard High (SH)

Standard High is probably the most played setting type today. In (SH), you start off with 20 cits, 700 stone, 800 wood, and 100 gold and iron. In (SH), it does not take long to get a stable economy as well as an army. With the right strats, a player can become an immediate threat within 10 minutes of the game.

Game Settings (Strategies and Tips)

Introduction to Pre2Space (Not Planets)

Pre2Space (P2S), has been a favorite setting for many years. This setting takes speed and right techniques to boom or rush your way into victory. The first epoch you start out in is "Prehistoric." In Prehistoric, the gather rate is slow and the unit's don't come in a wide variety. The best of players will be seen clubbing their way through the enemy as well as saving up for epoching. The main strategy for P2S Plains is Wing will go clubs and the Pocket will either go Clubs/Spear or even Archers. As in most cases, the
wing must rush and the pocket will boom.

The key epochs that one must achieve to aid him or the team are as follows:

Copper, Bronze, Renaissance, WW1 and Space.

Copper - Contains farms. With farms you are no longer constrained to foraging and hunting

Bronze - One is able to get siege aiding him in taking out any unwanted buildings or towers.

Renaissance - The use of ranged infantry come into place

WW1 - Allows one to get tanks and air. If a player gets air while all others are in an epoch which does not allow any anti-air units, they are as good as dead.

Space - A wide variety of robots/cyborgs are at use. Also, the farms are able to gather food by themselves.

Tips on P2S Clubbing

1. Base Formation

It is important to note that when starting off in the epoch Prehistoric, there are no walls or palisades; Infact your only wall can be your towers, temples, houses, barracks, and even settlements. Going against good players who you know are most likely going to club, you will want to keep your base somewhat closed in, almost like a box formation. Keep your barracks aligned
with one another along with your houses.If you are not using expansionism, then you need to have your houses right along side your town center other wise, the morale will not reach your men. Remember that houses give morale which gives them some extra strength.

Houses can play a key role in (P2S) as well as temples.

Players tend to use prophets a lot on (P2S) so making a temple right off will help matter out drastically. Many people tend to forget the need for a temple and learn the hard way by getting their base completely quaked.

2. Units and Their Upgrades

In (P2S) your only units to start out with are Clubmen (Clubs). Getting the right upgrades on your Clubs can be a key advantage for winning a game. Upgrades for clubs should be, 12+5 on Speed, Attack upgraded all the way, and the rest on Hit Points. Your civilization should contain a minimum of the following: Attack, Cost Reduction, Hit Points and Speed. Prophets can be a definite aid to your army. Not only giving them a small amount of morale, if there is no temple near the enemy the prophet can quake and firestorm any base and plagues any army.

3. A Successful Slide

Keep in mind that you cannot just mass clubs for 1 hour of the game. Getting a lot of clubs is the key during the first 30min-40 minutes depending whether or not there is enough food to get you to copper.You start out with 2 forage patches, each containing a little over 1500 food. Think of it this way, you need 1122 to get into the Stone epoch. After stone you need an extra 1584 food with an addition of 844 gold and iron to epoch into Copper. This whole time you have to be gathering enough mines for later on, as well as keep your army alive.To make a successful slide, you will need to get a hold of every resource you can get to. The key first of all is to get a lot of wood. If you are not able to get to copper because of the lack of food, concentrate on getting
wood, gold, and iron. Do not go begging to your pocket for food. Ask once if you would be allowed to get some food for a boost or a small amount to get you closer to copper. His job is to boom, by asking him to tribute you all the resources, you are not only slowing him down but the enemy is one step ahead of him. Concentrate on the resources around you and making sure the
enemy cannot take them.

4. Strategies

1. Micro Clubs

Do not run your clubs into the enemy hands. Micro with them well and don't ever feel afraid to back track to your base or other mines. Don?t send all your clubs to one area at first. Send a small pack of clubs (2-3) to run through his base which then triggers the other enemy clubs to follow giving you and quick opportunity to eco rape him some.

2. Tower-Mc.Pwnage

Most everybody you play with will have towers around their base or yours. Some people tend to mass clubs around a tower while destroying it. This may work with a lot of clubs but if you only have a few and don't want to be picked off slowly by the tower, the best way to destroy it is to do this:

Run your clubs at the tower and attack it, take the clubman that the tower is slowly killing and run him back and forth around the tower. This allows the other clubs to destroy the tower without getting killed in the process.

3. Expand

Another main key to winning in a (P2S) game is to expand forward toward your enemy.Take any mine or hunt near them and establish a small settlement. Equip it with some houses, towers, and a temple. This is just another hindrance to
the enemy that he must take of.

4. Booming

For booming, make sure to have all your mines popped. If you're already using expansionism, it would not hurt to pop the settlement to become a capital. Keep all settlements waypointed on wood. The more wood you have the better. This allows you to make more buildings and as many farms as you need. Do not however gather so much wood and not use it. You must constantly
be using resources unless you are saving up for another epoch. If you are ahead of the enemy in epoch, then it would be a smart idea to set aside resources to make an army to stop him and finish the game. Make sure to make at least 6 farms fully popped and upgraded. With every 3-4 farms, a capitol should be made.

Basic Club Civ

Civilization Contents:

This civ can be used for a sword rush in the epoch Middle just as well as Clubs.


Economy - Hunting & Foraging , Iron Mining

Buildings, Towers, Houses ECT. - Cost Reduction

Infantry Sword - Attack, Hit Point, Build Time Decrease, Cost Reduction, Speed

Siege - Range

Civilization Strategy

Here is the basic idea for typical club rush.

1.) Waypoint citizens till 400 food is left in the "bank" to the nearest Wood.
2.) Pick Civ
3.) Group 2 (groups) of 10 citizens.
4.) Make 2 Barracks and pump clubmen out.
5.) Explore with the 2 groups as soon as done making the barracks.
6.) Soon as you find 2 iron mines, send the 10 citizens to it; 6 on iron, 4 making and to making 2 towers.

The same is to be done for both setts of mines.

7.) Send the clubs you have made to the enemy. Keep him on his toes.
8.) Take 6 off the wood and put them on a forage patch.
9.) Take the Idle cits off of the towers and put them on hunt.
10.) Getting a temple up and houses are your next goal. So keep sending cits to wood till you have enough for temple
11.) Make sure to watch your resources. Don't spend all your food on clubs

Summary of Pre2Space

(P2S) will take a long time for the average player to learn and get a hold of all the strats.By using the above, it is my hope that one can learn faster and help others

Basic Sword Rush/Slide

Civilization Content:


Buildings, Towers, Houses ECT. - Cost Reduction

Economy - Hunting & Foraging

Iron Mining 

Swords - Attack, Hit Points, Build Time Decrease, Cost Reduction, Speed 

Siege - Range

Civilization Strategy:

There are many ways to sword rush, here is a great strat that an average player should start out with. Remember there is no Expansionism.

1. Waypoint cits to forage
2. Pick Civilization
3. Send a group of 6 to an iron mine. Make a settlement.
4. Send another group of 6 to another iron mine. Make a settlement.
5. Send 5 to wood.
6. Make 3 barracks with each of the 1 cit(s) left.
7. After the 3 citizens are done making barracks, make towers around your iron mines. Do not be afraid to make a wall as well.
8. As soon as the barracks are complete, send swords to an enemy mine. Do not just way point your swords right into his base because he may have towers up already. Do not let your swords be picked off by towers if you can help it. If your wing happens to be knights, move to another opponent.9. If eco-raping allot, citizens will automatically come out of the Town Center (TC)because of Slavery. Keep your Town Center way pointed on wood at all times.10. The citizens that are idle near your towers, send to hunt along with 2 other cits.
11. Seeing that this civ is a slide, you're going to be working on your economy as well as your army. As soon as you have enough wood make a farm. Make as many farms as you can.
12. Pop your settlements near your mines as soon as you can.
13. Once your economy is thriving, work on gold for siege.
14. Make as many barracks as you can. Follow a pattern: Farm, 2 barracks, Farm, 2 barracks.The same strat will apply for an infantry ranged rush.

Summary of Swords

Swords can be a fun unit to use. Make sure to practice different strats on your own and not in the game. Make sure to micro with them and play with your team.

Calvary Archers (Ca):

Calvary Archers is another popular unit used in these ages. Calvary Archers can be another very effective unit if used correctly. The main use for (Ca) is to hit the enemy from afar off, and run away. One who can micro with (Ca) can be almost unbeatable.Use Calvary as you would swords. Keep them always out, and get them out

Units Statistics:

- Counters Knights, Pikes, swords with 12+6 attack, and Persians.
- Countered by Vikings, Barbarians, Archers, Ballista?s, Cataphracts,
- Take 2 population points to make 1 (Ca).

1. Micro Techniques

(Ca) is a unit that should not be over looked. With full upgrades on attack, many (Ca) are like many xbows moving very fast. Most people tend to mass (Ca) and run into the enemy base with guns blazing. This is not the proper way to use Calvary. With 2 (Ca), once could be an opponents worst nightmare. Always have a small group of Calvary out hitting the enemies' eco, and running away. This will cause frustration and lack of ambition to move on for any player.Keep your Calvary always moving; do not keep them standing around. Have them take out towers so your team's swords can move in safely. Have them destroy buildings slowly, and most important, have them prick the citizens working on any resource.When going against someone else who is using Calvary, every possible move you can make counts. When having a battle with someone who has mass (Ca), do not just stand still and shoot. Take a small group of (Ca) and weave them through your own Calvary while your other group is shooting at the enemy.Ballista's are any (Ca) player's worst enemy but here is a helpful and easy way to out micro the Ballista's killer blow. Take 2-3(Ca) and run them right
up next to the on coming ballista. Take your large group of (Ca) and have them attack the ballista while your groups of 2-3 are running around it. This will cause the ballista's fire to concentrate on the running Calvary rather then the standing ones.

2. Proper Upgrades

Most people do not upgrade attack all the way, which is a common mistake. The right upgrades on (Ca) make a huge difference in game play. With attack upgraded all the way, Calvary can be nearly unstoppable to a group of swords. Range also is a key factor with Calvary. Upgrade the Range all the way, Attack all the way, and speed last. Some people use Hit Points on there
Calvary which is unnecessary and a waste of points. Calvary is not a very strong unit, it's like a medieval type sniper fighting from the background but when used and done correctly, it can be a major blow for the other team.

Basic Calvary Civilization

Civilization Content:

Note: No Expansionism Needed

Calvary Ranged : - Attack, Range, Cost Reduction, Speed.

Buildings : Towers, Houses - Cost Reduction

Economy - Wood Cutting,Gold Mining

Siege - Range


If there are any points left, use on siege upgrade or Pop Cap.

Civilization Strategy

1. Send 10 Cits to wood
2. Way point cits to wood and pick civ
3. Send a group of 5 citizens to a gold mine. Make a settlement
4. Send another group of 5 citizens to another gold mine. Make another settlement.
5. Take 2 citizens from wood, and make 2 Archery Ranges. Take 2 other citizens to make 2 towers near each gold mine.
6. Once the 2 citizens are done making the Archery Ranges, send 1 to make another tower and the other to make 4 houses near Town Center (TC). Make sure to make Calvary as fast as you can.
7. At this point, waypoint cits to forage.
8. Once the 4 citizens are done building houses and towers, send the cits to fill up each gold mine. To start out with, you have 5 on each gold mine. Make it 6.
9. Gather as much wood as you can as well as making many archery ranges.
10. Gather any other gold mines near you.
11. Don't forget to pop, and work on some stone if you want to make a Coliseum.
12. Add siege later on, preferably Ballista and Siege Towers.

Summary of Calvary Archers

As stated above, (Ca) can be the most valuable unit for a team. Make sure to play smart and help anyone out that may be using these incorrectly.

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