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Rules and Regulations of Royal Champions(RC)
RC Clan Rules and Policies:
  • Royal Champions was founded by group of  friends Maharaja , YuvRaaj , Gourav and Unhlic who are now managing and controlling all the activities in RC. They have full rights to terminate associations with any of the members if found guilty for Dis-obeying RC members  and rules or other GameRanger players.  Bad behavior, bad languages with others players,  Cheating or Glitching by any means will also not be tolerated.
  • RC Clan tag name( for eg  Name|«~RC~»|Rank| like Maximus|«~RC~»|F|) is necessary to use for all the RC members while are  playing online.
  • Notice of leaving clan is necessary so that we will able to know about the leaving status of a member and can inform to others members also.
  • Never Kick any player from the room. If you don't want him in room, just tell him to leave.
  • There is no option that you can join two clans at the same time. If any member found and caught by doing this he will be kicked at that moment as this is a matter of cheating and spying to the clan. It will not be accepted by any mean.
  • Kicked Members having option of only two times for joining  in RC third chance won't be given to any kicked member. Second chance would be given to those members who are honest and will inform their leaving status honestly.
  • Any member cannot use RC Rank himself without the prior notification of leaders and founders of clan. All the RC ranks are given according to RC ranking system which is made according to their game skills. New members of RC have to strictly follow the ranking system.
  • RC members should help other RC mates whenever they are playing in a team game.
  • RC members shouldn't use any foul and bad language with other players while playing. If someone is found doing so, he will be Banned for playing under RC tag. If you find someone trying to irritate you with foul language simply block that player and report to YuvRaaJ, Gourav or Unhlic or send mail to royalchampions1@gmail.com. Always try to make sure to play with good code of ethics and behavior and play honestly in game.
  • If any of the members wants to increase his rank in RC, he has to complete Swords Speed Test for higher rank and has to face 1v1 match with person above his rank in Best of 3 Set  matches or in Inter RC tournament Matches. Ranking criteria include Game Speed, Winning, Game Start Strategies, Attack, Defense and Counter Strategies of Game play. Total points in those matches will increase his rank equivalent to them. But if a member having higher rank losses in straight set of 3 games with the person below his rank in Inter RC tournament Matches , he will fall down to Lower Rank. Over all ranking promotion depends upon the decision and voting of all Founders/Leaders, Founders: (Maharajah),Co-Founders(Unhlic , Yuvraaj , Gourav ) & Leaders : Xtc, Anel, Mite  and Parth.
  • Every new member  who is good can start its rank in RC  from " Commando Rank"  but depends on his ability of that set. Rank would be assigned after complete test and has to pass through Level matches in every rank so that he may upgrade to next level rank category. Whether he play good enough in previous clan or in individual set  he has to follows the rank increase rules to increase his position in RC.
  • No recruitment in RC without registration in RC website (www.royalchampions.in) if anyone not registering in site or refusing will be kicked out from clan soon. After Registering in clan, please join our Royal Champions Facebook Group to interact with RC Members on strategies and clan discussions: https://www.facebook.com/groups/royalchampions/

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Team Royal Champions




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